About Us

As COVID-19 took hold over the world, business and schools had to shut down. People were forced to quarantine in order to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Many people suffered as a result of the pandemic, but seniors were the most vulnerable to this situation. 

Everyone heard about the deaths in nursing homes due to COVID-19. One place that we heard about saw a third of their residents die as a result of COVID. Mental health issues ran rampant with people saying that they did not want to die in their rooms and that they were stuck in a prison cell. When I heard about this, I wanted to help. I wanted to help senior citizens recover from the horrors of this pandemic and the mental and physical scarring this left on them. This organization started out with my sister and myself. My sister, who is a talented painter, was the art instructor; I was the marketer and I funded this project through my job working at Baskin Robbins during the summer. 

After we did a couple of places, I was thinking about scaling this organization beyond my sister and I. I started reaching out to people and the organization grew to 15 people operating in Indiana under 3 divisions: fundraising, outreach, and painting instructor. In the last month and a half of the organization we have done a couple of art classes as well as scheduled 8 classes in July. Additionally, we have just started a branch in Florida and it is our intention to continue to expand.